Monday, 12 June 2017

Singapore and Lego land, Malaysia


For Sebastians birthday we visied Malaysia legoland it also had a water park attached to it which was great.

Wonders of  

The great Wall
The twin towers
Kuala Lumpur

The Forbidden city, China

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Sebastians favourate lego of the moment is Chima. 
We have been collecting it slowely on our travels. 
I can honesty say its the best and only toy, you need to bring travelling.  It has been wonderful to watch them spent hours playing together. Creating, building and story telling. 
I love hearing real life experiences being incorporated into their stories. 
 Alisha has been colleting Lego Friends as well. We are now pulling a good sized box around with us ;-) phew!
one happy little boy in Legoland  

Craggers domain

 The Chima team just so you know when asked
At last seb got to join driving school, he was too young at 4 yrs old last time at Winsor Legoland

While it was smaller than Englands Winsor Legoland. This park more than made up for its size with its extra wild water park linked to it. We spent 4 hrs speeding and whirling down slides, relaxing in the river canyon splashing in the wave pool and splash park and soaking up the sun, bliss..It was a great day

Singapore and Johor Baru
We had decided to stay in the city of Johor Baru right next to the causeway bridge into Singapore, because it had cheaper accomodation and it was just as easy to get into Singapore for a day trip.
We stayed at the citrus hotel in a old part of town right next to a wonderfully decorated Hindu Temple.
You sort of get the feeling the proxinity of the Temples in the old town kept at bay the modern building, the encrouching modern high risers that towered over the city. Its almost as if the city was competing with Singapore.
Small Indian clothes /food stalls and shops florashed alongside delicious sweet shops and flower shops that each day wrapped strings of flowers used as gifts to the Temple.We didn't really venure much into to the modern parts.

On the 19th June we took a bus and passed through immigration borders, over the causeway bridge and spent the day wandering around Singapore.

Wonderfully coloured Hindu Temple with some amazing Figures and Deities

Local games

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