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past travels 24th Febuary Da Lat

Past travels 24th Febuary, Da lat 

Away from Na Trang coast and  three hours slow bus ride through the mountainous jungle, 
you will find the town of Da Lat. There is plenty- waterfalls, valleys, lakes, mountains to hike and just about everywhere your eye can see, beautiful landscapes.
A scrap art view of our travel to Da lat

Travelling up to Da lat was wonderful, It took around three hours to complete the trip. Our bus wound its way slowly up the mountain through jungle terrain and hairpin bends.  

The views were spectacular, we could look right out across the valley and country as we wound our way upwards. We saw water falls and massive trees towering out over the mountainside.  At the top we travelled through steamy jungle and national park, before descending back into civilisation and cultivated land. Once we hit the lowlands we were in for some strange sights. For miles and miles all we could see was plastic roof tops in the valleys and rows and rows of  farmers crops.
This area has become  known as,  the vegetable and flower garden of Vietnam. 

Once we arrived in Da Lat we made our way to a guest house a friend had suggested, and we wandered around the city to get the feel of it.

 One of the trips we did in Da lat was to visit 3 local water falls we able to go down to it on a Toboggan ride which was great fun. Alisha went on her own and did very well. This was their second toboggan ride the first was when we visited the Great Wall of China.

Look at my kids meditating near the water fall

We had lunch in carriage turned restaurant 

On another trip,  we took a journey on one of  the last French cog wheeled trains that ran through the mountains  from Da Lat to Na Trang.
 It was dismantled in the Vietnam war to get at the steel rails.  but first we got into the mood by having  lunch in carriage turned restaurant

                                                  Da Lat Views

At the end of the line we came across the most beautiful Buddhist Temple 
Chua Linh Phuoc. I wish we could have send all day there, Every inch of the temples and surrounding monuments and statues were decorated in brightly coloured little mosaic tiles,  In addition, where there are galleries precious stones, porcelain and antique furniture and fine art were found.  We thought that we had seen every kind of temple there is, but we were wrong. We entered into the most kitschy, wonderful, fairytale place For example a 49 m long dragon, dragon fin was made ​​of 12,000 bottles of beer
                                            MONKEY magic .....Journey to the West has strong roots in Chinese folk religionChinese mythologyTaoist and Buddhist philosophy, and the pantheon of Taoist immortals and Buddhist bodhisattvas are still reflective of some Chinese religious attitudes today. Enduringly popular, the tale is at once a comic adventure story, a spring of spiritual insight, and an extended allegory in which the group of pilgrims journeys towards enlightenment which each of them can achieve only with the help of all of the others.  In English-speaking countries, the work is widely known as Monkey, the title of Arthur Waley's popular abridged translation......I loved this series Who remembers 'Monkey' 

                                                                                     More wonderful wood sculptures

We also visited the The Crazy House a local hotel come tourist hotspot and hobby of an eccentric Government official with a weird and twisted sense of style.

                                                                     Vietnam ladies 

                                                      The city of  flowers
This was part of a flower show, we saw some wonderful bonsai trees
 and a few memorials of  Uncle HO Chi Minh  the leader of North Vietnamese in 1960/70s 

                                          And Food 
                             Meat  Dumplings 

                               The local market day 

  Da Lat was a mix of French colonial architecture and Asian Vietnam culture. Quite a unique town in the mountains, this is photo of Its centre with all its night markets.

When it was time to leave we booked our selves onto a bus to Mue Ne. Which in the end turned out be an adventure in its self.
This just about says it all :-)

Our first mini bus to turn up was full, so we then chased another bus in a taxi,  but they tried to fit four of us in to two seats...nope was the answer ..so a local lady luckily made a call and we jumped onto the only other  mini bus leaving that day.
This time we had no change to argue  I squeezed in one seat Andy sat in the front seat with seb on his knee, and Alisha sat at the side of him and in front of me on a cushion, on what is the plastic bit in the middle of the two front seats.
Five hours later and after some of the worse potholed roads we have travelled on, we arrived in Mue Ne

                  Good bye Da Lat
                                                            Hello Mue Ne xx

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