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18th May Krabi, James Bond island and so much more.

The crabs of Krabi

18th May   Journey to Krabi.

LEAVING KOH TAO ISLAND After three weeks in Koh Tao island we eventually managed to get
the strength to  leave.  It was a lovely island and we had a nice bungalow right on Sairee beach. When we had first arrived in April, the sea were so calm not a ripple could be felt in the water and it was far warmer than we had expected. with very hot and humid days. The beach was flat and wide with a golden colour  and slow high/low tides that still allowed you to walk on the sand in the evening.  But by the end of the three weeks all that had changed we were having more tropical rainy days with high winds. It was interesting to see the beach change to a more steep bank with debris being washed up ( with some Rubbish)  even the waters cooled a touch. Now there was less space to walk and eat on the beach at night.the days had cooled a little and nights were les humid. It was a wilder beach we left than when we arrived.  

Taking a night ferry we travelled to Krabi where we took a wander and found a nice big room with A/C (nice to have) for 600 bart £12.  
Our room with its Lego corner and the cafe down stairs
Krabi is surrounded by wonderful pinnacles.
Krabi's main road,  the rest of the town spreads out from this. They have a large white  temple overlooking the town and it was lovely to walk along the river.  The town offered a wide range of shops, a mall and markets.
Some towns seem to collect certain styles of shops , Da lat Vietnam.boasts the most hair dressers ever,  But  Krabi has the best/most pharmacies I've seen in Thialand! phew.   

This is one of the Krabi markets, where we ate most evening, you could eat for around 100 bart £2  each.
Fresh food was cooked from the stalls, most had rice/noddles as it stable component.

We found a great sweet stall and enjoyed a favourite of Seb's, banana and chocolate pancakes
and Alisha and I loved sticky rice with coconut and mango yum.
 The other two markets were a vegetable market and weekend clothes/food market.

Of the 10 days we spend there, we took some day trips. One was a James Bond island tour. Another was to a local beautiful beach called Railey Beach around 20 mins boat ride where we then visited Au Nang town for the evening.  We also took a tuktuk to the Tiger Cave Temple where we saw monkeys and walked up 1260 steps to see yet another big Buddha, the views were great.... see below

As a local excursion we took a taxi boat ride from Krabi pier and visited a few local sights.
We first went to a fish farm come floating fish restaurant for lunch. Fish were kept in large netted areas under the huts.
local life.....A giant cricket 

A Horse Shoe Crab 

There were many types of fish and animals to see, they even had a a 3 year old pet turtle. 

Our tasty lunch from the river,  Fish in plum sauce

We then visited one of two pinnacles cross the water from Krabi, where a few caves were. We saw and heard bats,and we got to go inside a cave where there were a good many stalactites and stalagmites on show.

In the end we spent around 10 days in krabi.  There was a large white temple to visit looking out over the town, and we took a tuktuk out to see the Tiger Cave temple where it was said a tiger (a holy animal know for its spiritual strength) lived, untill monks moved into its cave.  

There was lots of Monkeys living around the cave,  some where really cheeky, they would wait for you at the bottom of the 1260 steps up to the big Buddha at the top of the mountain. which we climbed phew!

That's a lot of steps to climb, the kids did really well it was my legs that took days to walk straight again

The view from the top 

On the way home we took a taxi sitting in the back for fun.

from      James Bond island  ... with love 
We booked onto a tour of the south islands of Thailand in Ao Phang Nga National Park
 Of course James Bond  Koh Tapu / Nail Island. had to be visited.  cost 1100 bart adult
A bit of skinny dipping to cool down                                                                                                            
It was a beautiful little island with a cave the kids loved, a couple of viewpoints and of course the pinnacle its most famous for. But really far to small to cope with the mass of tourists on it and this was in the low season!
There was even a souvenir stalls in the middle taking up more room.
Amazing what happens when a place has a few moments of fame.
The landing area could only dock one boat at a time
so you had to be quick getting on and off the boats.

 We took a canoe trip around the islands near James Bond island and into a cave.
While on the tour we also visited a fishing farm and a Muslim floating village where we had a buffet lunch,
I also got to have a wander around the village itself, and i nearly got lost its was surprising how like a maze it was.


As part of the tour, we also visited another holy cave and a leaning golden Buddha.

More monkeys lived by the caves we visited ..

To finish off we visited a national park and waterfall to cool down.
All in all it was nice tour we got to see a quite a lot  and enjoyed spending the day boating around the islands.
 On another day we jumped on a local taxi boat and  visited a local beautiful beach called Railey Beach around 20 mins ride.After a day on the beach we then visited Au Nang town for the evening.

The walk way to Railey beach 

caves of  Railey beach 
The high climb with ropes the top of view point for the best view of the island. the kids did really well
Railey beach 

 Railey beach religious holy cave adorned with interesting phallic symbols

There was wonderful pattens in the sand made by tiny little crabs 

Taking the boat to Oa Nang 

It  was nice getting to Ou Nang town we had to walk to the next beach then catch a boat. The place was ok, but not really to our liking, especially after a quiet town like Krabi. It was full of bright neon lights, souvenir shops,bars, restaurants and loads of traffic and lots of people trying to get you to buy something....




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