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11th March Mekong Delta to the Border of Cambodia

11th March Mekong Delta 
to the Border of Cambodia 

Weather 36 c degrees humid, with sunshine. 
Budget £50 or $75 Budget or 1,500,000 dong 
 We had a couple of choices when it came to visiting the Mekong Delta.  I wanted to spend more time wandering through the Mekong and not just take a tour for a day or two. But I didn't want to take our bags as it would restrict our movement some what.  But Andy did not want to return to HCMC for them. So I managed to find a tour where we could spent the first two days travelling with them, then if we wanted to, we could interrupt the tour spending some extra time on our own then carry on with the tour up to Chau Doc where we would then catch a boat to the border of Cambodia. Brill!
Coconut Sweet factory 

 We joined the Bus tour on the 11th  and over the next three days we journeyed through the Mekong Delta, travelling through 
Can Tho, Ben Tre to Chau Doc. 

On the first day we first bussed to the Can Thou then we took a paddle boat up the inland waterways of the Delta. Stopping to visit a open air coconut sweet factory (hot coconut sweet is lovely ) and I had a photograph with a snake. 

The lady paddling the boat made it seem hard work but wanted money when I offered to paddle.

 On the way we visited a wonderful Buddhist temple and saw a huge leaning Buddha with 2 other Buddha statues.

                                                       Our Bus had a puncture on the way down                                                                                                    here they are changing the tire by hand, they didn't
                                                       have the right tire so had to swap a couple around.

Up early on day two we visited a rice factory by boat. Then pootled around the Mekong by boat for most of the day. 

March 13th Chau Doc
Up even earlier to leave at 6:30. We took the slow boat across the river to the floating villages, where many Cambodian people escaped to during the Khmer Rouge trouble and then stayed. They have now set themselves up with a little help from other Islamic groups as fish farmers. We went to see one. It was a large floating building with the fish penned in underneath. The water from the river runs through the pen keeping it fresh. The fish are fed on the brown polishings from the rice production Our kids enjoyed feeding the fish. Finally we visited to a Cham village with a mosque.

Visiting a home where rice pancakes are made.

 We toured through the Mangrove forest, it was very peaceful as we manoeuvred through the roots and trees and plants growing from the water, and got to see some of the local bird life of the area. 

The fish farm..... feeding the fish
Back on the main water ways we continued our journey through the Mekong. 

         The floating markets found all around the Mekong

 The people of the Mekong make their living on the  river, life revolves around its tides and  flooding's.
Fish farming, fishing, rice production  the floating markets and production of coconut products are a few of the many things we learnt about on this trip.

                                                 local school kids having fun
I'm still amazed at how much they can pack and balance on their bikes 

Harry Potter with scar 
Arriving in Chau Doc on the third day we found a nice local hotel on the square for the next  two days at 350,000 dong a night {£10}.  

 anyone for dinner ,snake, frogs, rats 

so cute 

Saying good bye to the Mekong Delta and 

we loved Vietnam ...what an experience ....another one to remember 

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