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24th April Bangkok dash to Koh Tao island

24th April   Bangkok dash to Koh Tao island 

                                              HELLO FROM KOH TAO

24th April                                                                                           cost
Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai    Morning  bus                           3 hrs      
Chiang Mai to Bangkok     night sleeper train with fan      15 hrs  1900 Thai bart x 4 seats                

25th April
A quick walking tour around Bangkok                                 6 hrs    
Bangkok to Chumphon  night sleeper train with A/C          16 hrs   2000  bart x 3 seats  

26th April 
Chumphon train station  to Koh Tao island bus and boat   3 hrs   600 bart each 

weather 35 degrees and humid 

Bangkok delights
a glimpse of what its like on a Thai sleeper train with Fan

Having booked last minute, all a/c was booked up we could only get a sleeper with fan,  so we prepared to make the best of a hot and sticky nights sleep.
but surprisingly it was really good fun and airy. All the windows were open so we got a good breeze. You could hang your heads out of them and feel the wind in your face.  A real old childhood treat we have lost with new modern trains   I loved loved it

We settled in with beer and dinner.
(we didn't realise Chang beer cost 130 bart.... eek usually cost 80 bart.  so for grand total of 1000 bart we dinned on the train, to give an example a usual meal cost around average 500 bart with drinks ) very nice through.

Chang beer ...cheers 
Dinner time

Settling down in our beds 

When we left Chiang Rai our plan was to travel to Bangkok and stay there for a few days pending on how the political problems were going. But we had met some American friends Sarah, Jeff and 2 year old Andy who were also travelling long term on the train, and they were heading further down south Thailand  to Koh Tao island. So after a quick discussion in Bangkok train station we decided to travel with them as well.
So we booked ourselves onto the next sleeper train out of Bangkok, put our luggage into storage and wandered around Bangkok for the afternoon.
Bangkok palace

The barricades  around some of the government buildings 
We hadn't meant to go near the barricades, but found ourselves being directed that way on our wanderings around Bangkok. It was just after Thai new year and there was no protesting going on.
Bangkok seemed to be going about its normal business.

Our destination was Koh San road for a quick look see at the famous backpacker road.  Its quite small really as roads go, but had a plethora of tourist shops, bars and clubs.  

The gang on the move 
The river at the heart of Bangkok with a temple behind

 After a sleeper train we jumped on a bus the next morning and then a ferry which took us to Koh Tao island ( the Turtle Island) arriving around 10.30 am

Koh Tao Island

Having fun with Andy
Our bungalow  in Koh Tao ...  O chai, sairee beach 
We managed to get a good, clean room with a double and single bed, ensuite with fan for 1000 bart, on the beach. (£20) This was good going, as most were way more expensive and too high for our budget. 
Sairee beach
Our morning walk 

                                                    Happy 11th year together anniversary 


Our snorkelling and boat trip around the island 

Alisha and Seb have become wonderful swimmers and snorkellers  

Koh Tao main road
The pedestrian path that ran from the main town to Sairee beach  
                                                New friends were made, Sasha and Aiden 

Our beach bar did great cocktails.

A place for fab. BBQ

After spending nearly 4 weeks it was time to leave.
Andy and I were getting itchy feet, though I think the kids would have settled there for good.. they liked it so much ..

I think we found the island a little too relaxing in a way, we're not into sun worshipping and there's little else to do except drink or scuba dive and I'm afraid  being on a budget doesn't allow for much of that unfortunately. Though I really enjoyed the scuba diving I did.
The funny thing was, it was really hard to leave, I swear they put something in our food, or as my friend Sarah thinks, drug the air and keep everyone too relaxed to think about moving ....  Every time we thought about leaving we would sit down, have a beer, eat nice food, watch the sun set and listen to the crickets and think... maybe not tomorrow, maybe the day after, there's no rush ....

 But when wanderlust calls, even the island can't keep us, so we packed up said good bye to our bungalow, looked one last time at the sunset, then set of on the night ferry to new adventures.

We found a sweet little Chinese temple in

                                                              Bye for Now xx

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