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13th February Vietnam... Paradise beach resort, and Da Lat

13th February Vietnam... Paradise beach resort, and Da Lat       

Travelling to Paradise on the                             bus from hell :-/    
Sleeper bus               
We left Hoi An on the 13th and took a bus over night to Doc let beach.  It wasn't that bad really apart for the beds were in sitting up position and they were about a foot to short for me let alone Andy, or we couldn't turn because we were squashed into three tight beds ( and y squeezed into his own bed. But at least we had beds, If you look closely you can see people sleeping on the floor on mats. Can you believe it when we had to leave the bus at 5 am, we couldn't find the kids trainer shoes anywhere, ..lost... there we were with  kids standing in bare feet as the bus drove away!   Luckily we had sandals. 

                 Paradise Beach resort Doc let beach
For $55 a day we had a wonderful bungalow with fan and balcony on the beach front, all meals included, vodka and so much salad with crummy mayonnaise garlic, I still dream of the stuff... heaven

The beach was near us spotless clean and beautiful
with small but powerful waves to have fun in.  


A little bit of heaven 

The beach its self was away from the tourist route and so so much quieter, being around one hour from Na Trang city.
On either side of the resort you could find two  fishing villages one about 10 mins walk, the other a good 45 mins along the beach.
Just wandering around the village was lovely as it was not in the least designed for tourists, no souvenir stalls no selling trips, just villagers going about there life. One of the best bits about the area was the fact that it is so remote and not touristy.
But I don't want to say its totally idyllic this is in the end Vietnam, and they do have a problem with rubbish.  Where the villages are, you could see rubbish and stuff lying around especially on the beach, some of it not to savoury. I Saw one lady dig a hole put her rubbish in it and then cover it. Now i understood why so much rubbish lay on the beach.   You have to take the good with the bad in Asia. Its not Europe.

 But because the small villages in the area don't have to cater to and get rid of the added weight of tourist rubbish and pollution.  The water was still so much cleaner and nicer than we found in other places like Vietnams Mui Ne or  Thailand's Koh Tao.

We took a 6 am early morning walk to the local village to eat fish for breakfast. 

6 am in the morning ladies collect the fish  from the fishing boats, then this is shipped out to other parts of the country. That is after we had breakfast of little Pancakes with  fish  and iced coffee.
I love Vietnam's ice coffee....pure coffee, sweetened condensed milk, poured over ice yum. 

Breakfast in the fishing village
Hunting for clams, he walks up and down
 the beach all day long 
The village 

                                     Travelling friends ...Sammy, Jade and Guy   hello from us x

                        The flowers on the wall near us were beautiful everything was in full colour

Goodbye Paradise, we will miss you 

see you in Da lat  xx

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