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3rd April Thailand, Ayuthaya

3rd April Thailand, Ayuthaya 

We left Champasak in Laos on the 3rd April at 7 am and took an hour bus to Paske city then from there, we jumped on a bus to the border. There was a massive market there so I had a wander and bought a few trinkets. Leaving Loas behind we entered Thailand walking through the borders.  

There was quite a culture change from one side to another. Thailand was much more built up modern country which you can see when travelling on the road. the towns are more organised and less dirty, the roads are properly paved and marked with signs and the houses now sit in their own property space. This gives a clean spacier look to the country. Our journey had only just started really.   

We took a ride with a tuktuk for a  5 mins trip to the bus station where I then re-discussed/argued  the fare for such a short ride. ( im not planning to be ripped off this far into our travels ;-) continuing  on with our travels we took an hours bus ride to Udonratthani where we then jumped on another tuk tuk to the train station,  We then caught an 8 hour train to Ayuthaya, arriving aroung 11pm ish.  Then to finnish the days travels we took a last tuktuk to our hotel wrhee checked into our room about 12 pm  the end phew!
 53 Thai bart to £1...  Our daily budget for all of us is set around £50. which in the whole we can keep to in Asia. border visas cost us between 20 - 35 us dollars each. So its nice that we can get a free Thailand visas for the next month and a relief after spending so much on visas so far Its our biggest outgoing expense really.


We found a very nice hotel with pool. Our first room was expensive at 1,200 Thai bart  but we then changed to another one still a good size for 600 bart
 Alisha and Seb taught some English to the girls who worked at our hotel  Pu Inn 

the views  from our train 

 We came to Ayuthaya primly because it has some great pre- Angkor temples dotted through out the city and it was once a great old capital of Thailand.
                                 OUT AND ABOUT IN THE CITY ON BIKES  

                                                        The face of Buddha carved into the tree

                                                    I love these little monks

                                                                 The reclining Buddha
                                                            Ganesh the elephant god ..

                                                                     Hindu Deities

                        We hired bikes and toured around all the temples
                            Elephants were every where in the city 

Thai's especially love their king, we could see his photo on every street corner and in their homes and shops 
 Who remembers Monkey magic from TV years ago 

check out this toy / weapon shop. two in can chose a toy, adults their chose of knife ;-) or visa versa. 

On one of the days, we visited the elephant market which in its self was pretty rubbish but we saw the most amazing live theatre performance. It was full of action, fighting and  drama and lots of dead people right in front of us. We had bodies being thrown of the stage and rolling to our feet. Its based on a true story, a nasty army invaded a local village and killed nearly everyone even the kids. It was left to one women in the end to kill the bad guy, with my mouth open in shock and tears in my eyes we watched as one fighting mother got knifed then her son who was fabulous little actor was thrown around by his hair and eventually stabbed and thrown to our feet. soft are we with our films .....  

Taking the ferry home across the river, 

  we took a boat tour to see some three of the the temple Wats on the river and we finished at the night market where we ate dinner. 

             See you in Chiang mai for the Thai new year water fight xx


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Keep up the good work guys. It's great following your family adventures.Oink!

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you all look so super healthy and happy in your photos. It warms the heart! keep enjoying yourself guys :-) xxx