Saturday, 7 December 2013

Our travels through Brussels, warsaw, cologne, and Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania

Andy's quick blog .......Well here we are  in Poland for one day. We have done the Eurostar to Brussels, A very kind manager got us on to an earlier train than the 1505. The 1258 arrived in Brussels with two hours to spare instead of twenty minutes, I had a beer to celebrate leaving England. Alisha was a little nervous about going under the water. We has left at 9:30 is from Milton Keynes after a little faffing , cutting children's hair and showering everyone. Tracey's sister drove us to the station and bid a fond farewell.
After the Eurostar we caught the ICE train to Koln 18:25 to 20:15. We has tea in a restaurant below the platform, there are many different ones , it is a shopping centre. Then we caught the 22:28 'Jan Kiepura to Warsaw, an overnight sleeper. We has breakfast on the train @ 8 euros 50 a head!,
In Warsaw we confirmed that the train to Vilnius was still not running as seen on the website 'the man at seat Which has given us some great advice on all our train travels so far.
We have done a minimal exploration of Warsaw and have bought bus tickets to Vilnius. for 17 euros each at the tourist information bureau computers. The bus leaves at 06:05.tomorrow morning, Everything so far has been swish and efficient. Tonight we are in the Oki Doki backpackers in a 3 bed romm. Taxi to bus stand 04  tomorrow morning near the train station. The kids are doing well apart from taking about an hour to do 800 metres from the train station to the hostel. Hope you are all well.

Hello from Tracey   3 rd december
With a sad but exciting farewell to friends and family we headed off on our great train odyssey  on the Europe, The transiberian trains and  east Asian trains.  ...a journey from London to Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia ,and beyond

One day into our journey and I woke up in a moving train and felt a sense of deep calm, I felt like I 
was doing what I love and felt most comfortable with .. Travelling ..following my wanderlust :-) a 
deep contentment made me smile and breath deeply as I stared out of the window.  the kids were still
 asleep it was about 8 am,  we were travelling through Poland towards Warsaw. It was a bright clear 
day with a strong sun and frost on the ground just enough hint to remind me that the further north we go the colder it will get. 

With the time change we had got to bed about 11pm the night before, I found sleeping on the train very comfortable despite being hard beds  and the kids hadn't stirred, Andy said he didn't sleep so well but then he was up High on the third  bunk, lucky he's good at climbing lol..

This is a lot better than the people sleeping next door on pull out chairs.  So far on day one we had taken 4 trains in total ..not bad.   The kids seem to be handling the journey as relaxed and confident as ever, and showed little upset at such a long day,  

4th December 
We arrived in Warsaw around 11 am and made our way to the OKI DOKI hostel
It had lovely warm and very clean rooms with a bar on site. Every room was individual,  ours was called the st. topez room ...very fitting :-) after spending the day wondering around the central city we tasted some local cuisine of potatoe cakes with beer soaked beef stew, verdict..  very nice ...Andy says especially with polish beer.  Kids had polish fish finger

5 th december 

From Warsaw we had to take a bus to Vilnius because of rail works on the lines. Up at 5 am we were on the bus at six ..phew arriving in Vilnius at 3.50 pm
The kids were kept Amused with on bus tv and movies. Once in Vilnius we booked into 'the center stay hostel' which again was a warm and comfortable, 4  bed room, with a little kitchen, as evening drew in we wondered about and had diner at the cancan and enjoyed this time meat and potatoe dumplings, more  local cuisine, I'm found  the food very nice but stodgy... there go's my diet ;-) 
Its around 4 lt to the £ 1 so a meal cost about 6 pounds each not bad. 

6th December 
We woke up to snow :-) the kids made paper snow flakes which we taped to the windows and after a lazy morning ventured out to see the old town. The snow had been coming down steady through the night so within a few hours we were in a wintery wonderland of beautiful old building and iconic churches with bright christmas lights adding to the atmosphere. alisha and seb went ice skating and and we drunk hot mulled wine.
At 6 pm we collected our bags and set of to mc donalds ( as promised ) before boarding  our night sleeper train to St Petersburg. we are on our way :-)

our room in the hostel

our room in the hostel ....     make paper snow flakes              .alisha and seb kitted out for winter :-)

lunch  at le crepe :-)

ice skating in the park 

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Alice ~ Wandering Writer said...

WOW! I didn't realise you had left already - brilliant!!! Here I am typing this with my back to the warmest December sun in the mountains of Portugal looking at your snowy pictures! We are doing a olive harvest with friends at the moment and loving it. Hoping you continue enjoying that feeling that travel brings deep within. Thinking of you and looking forward to more updates xxxx