Thursday, 26 September 2013

100 % committed to the Wintery Wonderland of Russia, Siberia and Mongolia

Well we are 100 % committed :-) We have just bitten the bullet and have booked our transiberian train tickets for our trip from russia, Mongolia, siberia to china. 
OMG ... I wanted to do this trip since I was 20 .!!..I still have my Siberian train travel book from back then :-) 

we leave London by train on the December 3rd traveling to cologne then warsaw and onto russia it should take 5 days. 
We should arrive in St Peterberg on the 7 th december where  we have 3 days visiting. From there we head to moscow for 3 days before starting the transiberian journey to Irkutsk, this will take 4 days on the train with out stops. 
We plan to stop for three days here before traveling to the winter wonderland of siberia and ulaan ude, our accomodation is on lake baikal, which is supposed to be beautiful, frozen, but beautiful. We might even do some ice skating on the lake or take a husky dog sled ride.
Our Next stop is Mongolia and ulann baatar the coldest capital in the world in winter ?? ( and we are going there eek ..I had some panicky thoughts on kids and cold after I book this  ?) here we will be spending 5 days including 3 days and Christmas day at a mongolian ger camp. 

If alls well and good We will arrive in Beijing on the 30 th December, Andy's birthday. 

From Beijing we hope to travel through Asia and the rest of the world, (God willing.) .. Only 13 weeks and counting :-) 
now the sleepless nights set in and panic as I plan packing for both minus 10/20 ? degrees temp and hot Asia weather. And how we are going to fit it into our bags. 

Any tips would be much appreciated in this department!! 

 We plan to travel light ( i dont want to be worrying about bags when all i want 
to do is concentrate on my kids in crowded places like manic train stations and crowed streets of  india or cambodia )both andy and i plan to carry a rucksack
each and share Seb's clothes, while i have just bought alisha whos soon 8 yr old  her first junior rucksack. ( which I hope she can carry ;-)  

( for anyone interested we have managed to cost the 23 day transiberian train stopping in 3 places for 3 plus days, plus accommodation and a 3 day ger stay in Siberia for £3,100 for Four people. This was with 'real Russia trains and booking .com) 

Friday, 6 September 2013

My Thought on the road of life

The above link has a great piece on the worries of parenting and Internet issues. 

>On the subject of the internet i feel 

The young are venturing into a new world and for some of us older people, running so fast we struggle to keep up :-)  Though I try, I am lucky I have young kids and plenty of time to learn before their teenagers!    
I do worry that the stuff kids say and do online now will effect them so much more now and also later on in life, when I was growing up the problems we had to face stayed with friends and family, it wasn't spread all over the web, and we wasn't judged by strangers which can be hurtful and scary for some. 
A prime example .....There was a article early  this year a young 16 yr old girl had got a very good job as first young commissioner for the British police, but lost it,  because people found out she had said some racist remarks to friends and other stuff, on line some two years age most properly just stuff talked about between friends but everyone could read it so this effected her later on... 
I try to teach that the Internet though wonderful is a whole new world full of dangers as well as wonders. where you have to be as carfull venturing as you do when you step out the front door. Giving as much help and guidance as I can. 

>Parenting For me its not just parenting that makes me query what we are doing but also the fact that I educate my kids at home this also raises lots of worries in me as to how I bring up my kids, and to top that the fact that I am also  planing long term travels with all those extra worries to contend with what joy lol.....lucky I'm. A relaxed person and don't let them effect me for long.
.my anxieties are just something I have to work through and hope as others we are doing ok, and my kids will benefit from the life and love we give them. 
An enjoyable article thankyou. 

Fun in Scotland, August

Such a clever boy 

 Seb is enjoying reading peter and jane books and his writing is coming along wonderfully, which make me feel so relieved as One of the things i was worried about when deciding to world school them was teaching him to read. 

 We had a visit from my brother shane and sampled the best of fine dining the BBQ way ..lovely
He must have been really excited at having to share a bed with seb in our caravan ;-)

 Practising archery and target practise with a sling shot, 

After two years apart Alisha seb and Ellie have finally met back up in Edinburgh what a  great day meeting up with friends