Wednesday, 21 August 2013

One step closer to travel

Plans are afoot...... 

Andy has sorted out his passport and Seb's got his :-) 

For the princely sum of £ 1,600 we will be vaccinated for our trip around the world phew ! Lets hope we will get an extra couple of months work. There's nothing  frugal about that price!  We started having them last night  the first 3  we need about 9/10  In total ! 

Next ...visas and train plans ...oh and a date when to start ! 

23 rd August 
Great news Andy has just been given a three month extension on his contract so that means we will be in Scotland till the end of November, 
At last we can start planning dates,   we now hope to start on our travels early in December heading through Europe to Russia for Christmas  before getting on the transiberian train going through Mongolia to China and onwards. 
Siberia in winter,  a frosty winter land of  snow and ice and minus degrees temp... I can't wait to see Russia in the snow ( hopefully its snowing by then) sleeping in a traditional ger should be interesting ;-) 

We have decided to stay in our caravan till then and weather the scottish winds, ( it should make us a little harder for the forth coming Russia weather) Its also easier as its hard to get a 3 month rental here. And any way the kids and I plan to be down in Milton Keynes for a lot of September and a little of October catching up on friends and family as well as my honours degree ceremony to attention. Alisha will be 8 and alison my sister is a bit old ;-) er  too. Party time ...

Andy I think plans to  make the most of his free time  walking up some Scottish munros, because he's not complaining about us going down for so long ;-) 

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