Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I came across this in a Danielle Steele book. Who said you can't get anything good out of those books? One of my favourite poems and one I read virtually every time I get the urge to travel..........................
 Wander, wander, wandering meandering,
the urge to roam, to dance,
 to fly, to be,
the search for free,
 the need to see to go to find to search to do,
my thirsts so easily quenched so close to home and yours so grand,
so elegant,
so marvelous,
climbing mountaintops and elephants and tiger hunts and dancing bears and far off stars and trips to mars and all of it so wild, so vast,
so free,
as you go wander, wander, wandering,
and then the best part of all when,
satisfied, complete, and happy now,
you wander slowly home to me.

 Wanderlust Part Deux

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