Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One of our many memorable trips with our kids

was in easter 2011 my partner and i with our 6 year old and 3 year old took off for 21 days through eastern europe by train and bus. we travelled through 8 contries starting in lithuania and went through ukraine and finishing in zagreb croatia. it was fantastic we did 5 overnight train trips on the old exsoviet trains that felt like real travel......the slowness and the rattle of these trains were nostalgic,and magical, the lady attendents still had long soviet looking grey coats on and were beautiful, there was lace dolies on the tables and the windows and the toilets definitly reminded us of their age lol.

we travelled with one pull- along case and one backpack, i pushed a phil and ted  pram(its great with youngsters for when your out and about late into the night or for long walks, worth the exta inconveniance) and the kids shared a little kids pullalong with their toys in. I will always remember the look of the taxi drivers faces at the thought of getting our stuff into a car  when we got of trains in early hours. we just had to be confident that it would fit, then squeese the big bag on to andys lap. (we never planned to travel to far by car as even though we had travel seat belts, when your getting a taxi at 3 in the morning its the last thing you think about with sleepy kids, and would have taken to long to set up, bad but true.... 
i always say what you take on holiday for two weeks is what you would need for a whole years travel...
Except when we booked our first hotel at home, for the rest of the trip we booked hotels either the night before or the morning we were to travel, internet makes it very easy now and all our hotels were very helpful with using their computers. we booked our next out bound train trip when we arrived in each place with no problems,
 we have decided that when we travel long term next year 2013 we plan to take a note book computer and a I-pad for homeschooling and conveniance in talking to family.
the kids handled moving from place to place with no problems and we're very adaptable and easy going. they loved sleeping on the trains as we did. it was great and well worth doing x      

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