Thursday, 2 August 2012

one of the biggest gifts i can give my kids is travelling

i agree very much with the link from family on bikes . Travelling is one of the biggest gift i can give to my children. just looking at my kids, even if they can't remember the places they have visited, i believe that their travels have given them a wonderful education and strenght of character. Alisha who's 6 has travelled to 23 countries and seb (4) to 13 countries so far. both are really sociable, and not afraid to approach anyone (hopfully friends) to talk to them and are very adaptable in their lives. but i also believe that if parents lead by example, if they are relaxed in their lifestyle and do not limit childrens experiences and believe and trust they can do things ..then of course children will believe it to, whatever it be travelling, sports, ect.

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