Monday, 4 June 2012

at last June has arrived

June has been a long time in coming and May was a hard month to be in.. but phew its here at last.
>I have just finnished my Open Univercity module 'Renaissance Art Reconsiderd' 
after doing six stressful weeks of writing 4.500 words which i have to say i did enjoy very much. My chosen subject matter was the War of Troy Tapestry in the V&A museum and i spent three hour staring at it. It did feel great to give so much time just to studing one item, how often can we say we have been able to devote time to just looking at beauty of art.
>My two children from 1st june officially have been deregristered from school and are now being unschooled. What started as looking for a way to educate them when we plan to travel long-term next year,  has led after six months of studing( spending more time studing this than my OU course i might add) the fantasic and inspiring blogs, facebook, and articles on the web to home/unschooling them now..
> 1st june ..Party time with the hash house harriers milton kenya 2012  a full weekend of drink and frolicks and don't forget the running .....
> and to finnish of the long list .. I now have time to pack up house to get ready to move back into to my old house (long story) on the 8th june lucky we have got 2 extra days bank hols phew
so much for relaxing and enjoying putting my feet up but then i wasnt very good at that ...theres so much to do and so much fun to be get on