Thursday, 1 March 2012

Unschooling Dilemma

I am thinking about
unschooling my two kids or as one young man put it 'world schooling', which I
like as we plan to go travelling next year.
My problem is I want to take my daughter out of school
now, and my son is supposed to start school in sept but he will only be 4years
and 2 months, which I feel is far too young to be stuck in an institution!
When I sit down and read all the articles on the
internet on why people home/unschool it really hits a nerve it feels so right
for me and what I want for my kids. but then i move away from the computer and
go back into the real world and am hit by a big wall called reality ...makes me
Doubt my self and what we as a family could achieve as unschoolers,
so i hover in between reading and gathering lots of
info but to worried to move forward..

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